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Atomic Lighter - Plasma Lighter - Bulbhead Atomic Lighter

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Atomic Lighter - Plasma Lighter - Bulbhead Atomic Lighter


Hey there, I want to personally congratulate you for making a fantastic decision to getting your own Smart Watch that will allow you to monitor your health with ease.


By making it this far, you’ve proven you’re serious about your health.


And you’ve just unlocked a whole new world of health tracking like thousands of our other happy customers have as well – which I believe very few people are able to track their health in such a very inexpensive way.



Not only will you be able to learn more about your body, but you will learn what needs to be improved and what doesn’t. What doesn’t get tracked doesn’t get improved. And this inexpensive Smart Watch does all the tracking for you without you even think about it.  


Once you start using this smart watch you will have peace of mind that your important vital signs are in good standing and at least be aware of those that need to be improved.


Which leads me to something very important to share with you today.


Because you became the newest customer of this Smart Watch you landed on this page that was never even supposed to exist.


You now qualify for something less than 1% of the 1% will never ever get a chance to access to learn about…


You see… most of our customers are happy with this Smart Watch, but what they soon realize after they’re able to track their vital signs is that most of our customers suffer from high blood pressure.


Many of our customers go to their doctors to ask them what they should do to get their blood pressure to healthy levels.


What usually happens is that these doctors prescribe them expensive medication that only help the symptoms, but not the root cause of their high blood pressure.


Or they advise them to exercise more or have a better diet. In fact, studies have shown that high intensity exercise can actually make it harder for the body to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.


These “treatments” can be very difficult to sustain for the long-term.


So we started doing a lot of research on how we can help our customers achieve healthy blood pressure levels.


What we discovered was shocking to say the least.


We learned that our body’s have a natural blood pressure support system. The problem is that as we age it stops working as well as it did when we were younger, which leads to high blood pressure.


How many young people do you know with high blood pressure? Not many, right?


However, there’s a secret trio of nutrients found in everyday foods that simply activates your body’s natural blood pressure support system that you already have without any high intensity exercise, strict diets, or even leaving your home.


It is possible to maintain healthy blood pressure long-term without extreme lifestyle changes or spending the rest of your life on a bunch of meds.


Our research has exposed BIG PHARMA for its lies. Causing people to waste thousands of dollars in ineffective diets, drugs, and workouts that will not help maintain a healthy blood pressure level, because they all target the wrong problem.


These conventional solutions target the problem from the outside. They treat the symptoms and not the real cause. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure isn’t just caused by your weight and diet. Blaming it on your weight and diet will only distract you from the real problem, which affects nearly everyone over 40. The American Heart Association estimates that over 100 million Americans struggle to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.


In order to understand why these secret trio of nutrients is considered the holy grail to maintaining a healthy blood pressure you first need to understand what blood pressure is.


In your body you have over 95,000 km of blood vessels that act like pipes moving your blood around. The blood in your blood vessels cause a force on the walls of the vessels. That’s blood pressure.


Your blood vessels are like highways for your blood and it’s the only route for your blood to get to your heart, your brain, your organs and anywhere else it needs to to keep you healthy. 


Now imagine the blood thickens or if the pipes become smaller… It becomes harder to pump, which causes the pressure to increase, which leads to a bunch of other life threatening health complications in your body because the blood isn’t being delivered to your other organs.


Put simply, if you want to have healthy blood pressure levels you have to focus on making sure the blood in your pipes can flow easily.


Now…remember earlier how I mentioned that our bodies have a built in blood pressure support system that every single person has? Well that built in blood pressure support system is called your Endothelium.


But most people have no idea how to activate it. In every single part of your blood vessel and your heart there’s a lining called “Endothelium”.


And this is actually one of your largest organs, but most of us have never even heard of it.




Here’s how it works… When the heart pumps blood the Endothelium tells blood vessels to open and close when they’re supposed to. So it’s important to keep the Endothelium active and give it everything it needs to keep this up. Because time alone can wear on the Endothelium’s ability to support blood vessel’s opening and closing and it can cause blood vessels to actually tear…possibly creating inflammation. And inflammation can build up eventually clogging blood vessels, which can lead to other serious health complications in your body.


Think of your Endothelium like kitchen pipes… When water is trying to pump through something has to keep the pipes operating like they’re brand new.


 This is where your Endothelium comes in handy. The organ that very few people know about. It plays a crucial role in your heart health.


When it’s healthy and activated endothelium cells release a substance called “Nitric Oxide” or “NO”. Nitric oxide controls the relaxation and contraction of your blood vessels. So you can imagine how important that is as your blood tries to rush through your vessels 24 hours a day.


So you can see why this organ is so important when it comes to your blood pressure. To maintain a healthy blood pressure just keep your endothelium naturally activated. 


The truth is that it’s very easy to maintain your endothelium for the long-term.


So here’s what DOES NOT activate your endothelium.


It’s NOT your metabolism.


It’s NOT performing more exercises.


Those solutions often overlook the simplest and most effective way to maintain healthy blood pressure, which is through keeping blood vessels opening and closing properly.



Supporting a healthy blood pressure is really just about keeping your blood vessels relaxed so they can expand and shrink without tearing. Once you’re able to do this your body naturally keeps your blood pressure in a healthy range for you.


However, there is something you need to know. With age doctors and scientists know that the Endothelium function naturally diminishes.



According to Harvard Health, there is something called Endothelium Dysfunction and it’s when these blood vessel walls do not open and close like they’re supposed to.


Most normal medical clinics do not diagnose or treat Endothelium Dysfunction, which is interesting because the solution is in a very simple trio of nutrients that you can get in everyday foods to activate and maintain your all natural blood pressure support system.


The reason why you haven’t heard of it is because it’s such a simple solution that it is impossible to profit from. The medical industry is influenced heavily by corporations… Which hate simple and natural solutions like this.


Luckily… with this simple “trio of nutrients” your body’s blood vessels will naturally maintain their ability to open and close so that you can support and maintain a healthy blood pressure level. 


These secret trio of nutrients doesn’t require you to eat bland tasting foods or even leave your couch.


It doesn’t involve a single exercise. Now if you’re like me you’re probably a bit skeptical. And you should be. Because in my opinion the lies that those huge pharmaceutical companies have spent billions of dollars broadcasting to you can cause you to lose trust. That’s exactly how I felt…


Especially at the time I first made this life changing discovery… Until I experienced the changes first hand myself. These secret trio of nutrients can be consumed by anyone of any age. However, it’s most effective for men and women over 40…



The real secret to activating your Endothelium is getting the right unique nutrients, in the right dose and the right quality so that your body’s natural blood pressure support system is constantly activated. 



And when you get the right nutrients together they act like a perfect team that activate your Endothelium (your body’s natural blood pressure support system), which then releases endothelium cells, which then releases Nitric Oxide in your blood vessels… which relaxes and contracts your blood vessels when needed… which ultimately allows you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels effortlessly. It’s really that simple.




Here are the most powerful ingredients that support activating your Endothelium (your body’s natural blood pressure support system)


The first powerful ingredient that activates your Endothelium is L- Taurin. Two recent clinical studies support the view that taurine therapy reduces blood pressure in hypertensive subjects. Doctor Katakawa attributed the beneficial effects of taurine therapy against hypertension in humans to improved endothelial function.


The last ingredient to this secret trio nutrient combo is Vitamin C.

It’s full of powerful antioxidants, which has proven to support endothelium function. It fights off radicals that are floating around   Vitamin C will continue producing nitric oxide. The same substance that keeps blood vessels relaxed when they need to be.


In fact, in a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study scientists concluded that Vitamin C provided enough powerful antioxidants to maintain a healthy endothelial function and nitric oxide production in patients. And countless other studies have proven the same.


It’s absolutely crucial to flood your body with vitamin C to keep your endothelium safe and activated and your blood vessels fully supported.





Instead of wasting money and time trying to source the ingredients yourself with the right doses all you have to do is take this simple 30 second ritual once a day and in no time at all you will be maintaining a healthy, consistent blood pressure level. 



In fact, it’s so easy that it’ll probably surprise you. It comes down to just 3 simple vitamins and minerals. Consuming these 3 simple vitamins in the right ratio, in the right quality and at the right same time… is everything you need to do to activate your Endothelium, which activates your body’s natural blood pressure support system. 


This new unique solution helps you do just that.


Introducing the New Trio Of Nutrients Super Combo that keeps your body’s Natural Blood Pressure Support System fully activated for the long-term in just under 30 seconds a day in the morning. And it’s based on the results of thousands of men and women just like you and me who have discovered that we are only one simple solution away from fully supporting the blood vessels in our bodies.


We have taken the time to source the all natural ingredients into the exact measurements and quality required to maintain our FDA certified labs. 


The only way to truly keep your blood pressure at healthy levels for the long-term is by keeping your Endothelial Function active, which promotes the production of Nitric Oxide in your blood vessels. So that they can relax when they need to with this new herbal solution that supports exactly that. An herbal solution that is already backed by thousands of Vessel Restore’s success stories. 


Like Ben who started easily maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.


“I’m 71 and I’ve been using Vessel Restore for about 3 months and I have managed to keep my blood pressure within optimal levels. I haven’t even given up my snacks…and I still get to eat them in moderation!”


and then there is Amber K. 69 years old who says, “My siblings and I are so relieved now that we know our parents are maintaining their healthy blood pressure levels. There is no price I could put on knowing my mom and dad are going to be ok.”


and then there is Frank L. 74 years old who says, “I couldn’t be more satisfied, I started taking Vessel Restore 37 days ago. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results I’m getting. I highly recommend these supplements.


and then there is Jessica N. 58 years old who says, “I feel great. Vessel Restore has been amazing for me. I’m thrilled with my new blood pressure numbers. And, I feel great. Thanks”


and then there is Olivia B. 62 years old who says, “Easy to take. Vessel Restore is easy to integrate into my daily routine. It only took around 60 days to really see a difference in my blood pressure levels.”



You don’t need to be spending thousands of dollars on expensive medications or medical bills when there is a way to easily and safely maintain healthy blood pressure. 


Every capsule is manufactured right here in the USA in our FDA approved and GMP (good manufacturing practice) facility under the most sterile, strict and precise standards. These capsules are 100% safe. 


We’ve considered selling the 30 day supply of Vessel Support for $397 online and that would be a steal compared to what those huge corporations charge for a similar done-for-you solution.  


Now, ask yourself… if you could have healthy blood pressure levels how much would that be worth to you?


How much would it be worth to you to wake up everyday knowing that your blood pressure levels are exactly where they need to be. Knowing that you can freely play with your grandkids, run down the beach, jump around in the ocean, travel the world, or whatever else you see in your retirement?  


What if you could stop obsessing over what you eat or how much you exercise? How much would that be worth to you?


What it be worth $5,000 to you?


What about $2,500?


It isn’t about the money for us so we wanted to make it as affordable as possible so every man and woman can say YES without hesitation. And truthfully, $397 for a 1 month supply is still an incredible deal compared to the tens of thousands of dollars spent on research and development. 


So we debated giving the 1 month supply for $197. But that still just didn’t sit right with me… So we will not be pricing a 1 month supply at $197 or even $99, which is the normal online retail price.


In fact, I want to make this an absolute “no-brainer” decision for you…  I want to offer you a special “New Customer Special” for the last remaining 200 bottles that we have left.


So for today only, I’m going to take another $40 dollars off… so that you can get a 30 day supply of Vessel Restore for a simple one-time fee of just $59/bottle. Yes, only $59/bottle. Exclusively for you.



By now you’re probably wondering how to get Vessel Restore. The truth is getting Vessel Restore can be quiet challenging…because you see the high quality herbs have to be sourced from their naive regions to ensure maximum potency.


If I were to mass farm them the way these large corporations do… we would completely ruin their native nutrient levels. So it can take up to 90 days just to create 1 batch of 250 bottles. So when we run out of stock that we have right now it can take up to 3 months to get the new batch ready to go.


The smartest and most successful customers of ours have always purchased at least the 6 month 6 bottle package or the 3 month 3 bottle package.


And if you want to make the best decision I highly recommend that you take advantage of this online new customer special and select the 6 bottle package below.  


The 3 and 6 bottle packages have zero shipping charges.


Just select your package below and automatically get your discount. And remember as a smart consumer you should take this once in a lifetime opportunity and stock up on the 6 bottle option, because once we run out this incredible herbal combination won’t be restocked for up to 3 months. 


We recommend that you take Vessel Restore for at least 90 days to ensure you reach your desired blood pressure levels. This is because your Endothelium needs time to support your blood vessels fully… 



Therefore, it’s going to take some time for the Vessel Restore to work. So to guarantee long term, life changing results… we’re going to allow you to order 3 or 6 bottles at once for this huge discount. So look below and take control of your life now. 





So here’s what you’re going to get when you order Vessel Restore. You’re going to get your Smart Watch that you originally ordered plus your Vessel Restore.

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Atomic Lighter/Plasma Lighter is awesome - first of all - no flames, no refueling, or littering when your disposable lighter goes off.  Our, specifically designed lighter is great for outdoors as it's completely waterproof and weather resistant.
VERSATILITY: Plazma lighters are perfect for home or outdoor use. Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, picnics or just usual home use. 
USB RECHARGEABLE: Our plasma lighter is 100% electric and rechargeable via any standard USB port (cord included). Simply plug it in. After around 2 hours the lighter will be fully charged and ready to go. You can get around 200 sparks out of one charge.
WINDPROOF AND FLAMELESS: Dual electric beams don’t blow out, meaning this lighter will work in virtually any weather conditions.
NO BUTANE: Disposable lighters waste money and are harmful to the environment, while refillable lighters are messy and complicated. Our electric lighter is eco-friendly and easy.
PERFECT GIFT: This awesome looking lighter would be a perfect gift to anyone.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery: 3.7 Volts
  • Battery Capacity: 220mAH
  • Full charging:1.5-2hrs
  • Last up to: 100-300 sparks after full charging

What’s inside:
 1 x Flameless Electric Lighter
 1 x USB Charging Cable



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